SteelSeries Rival 3 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-06-20
SteelSeries have a reputation to uphold, something they’ve worked incredibly hard to earn over the years, but we’re pleased to announce that they’ve done a sterling job on this Rival 3.

Gaming and everyday usability is up there with the best in the market. As wild a claim as that might sound, SteelSeries certainly haven’t held back where it matters. The 8500 DPI TrueMove Core sensor is fantastic, the 60M click rated mechanical switches are way above what we expect at this price point and the overall shape and weight of the device makes it suitable for fast-paced or more ponderous gaming or even just office tasks at home; something which might become more commonplace for a lot of people in the coming months and years as working from home becomes more popular.

SteelSeries software is one of our favourites, we’ve never had any issues from it, regarding crashes, incompatibilities or freezes while updating the connected devices. It’s easy to negotiate, features loads of handy tool-tips to tell you what specific things do, such as angle snapping or sensor acceleration, and it’s light on system resources too. You get a thumbs up from us for your software, SteelSeries.

Moving onto the RGB lighting. No gaming peripheral is complete without this, but thankfully they’ve not wasted precious resources by covering the device in LEDs so it shines out of every crevice. A simple lighting skirt around the bottom and the logo at the back is all it needs, and even at that they’ve kept things low cost by using only a few LEDs. It looks nice but it’s not gonna blow your mind, though at this price point we can forgive that somewhat.

With such a low asking price, at around half of anything else SteelSeries offer, we went into the review a little sceptical, worried even, but they’ve pulled it off remarkably well! It’s a great all-round mouse that’s comfortable, looks good, performs amazingly well and will suit almost all budgets.

One of the few issues we do have with the mouse is the odd choice to present the mouse with a symmetrical design but not ensure left-handed users can use the mouse with thumb buttons on both sides.

If you’re looking for a mouse for some casual gaming and office based tasks, this thing should be top of your list. Hats off to SteelSeries on this one.

+ Staggering value for money
+ Great gaming performance
+ Comfortable
+ Easy to use software
+ Mechanical mouse buttons
+ Lightweight

- RGB lighting effects are jumpy/notchy
- Not ambidextrous despite being symmetrical in shape

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