Synology DS411 NAS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-09-11

Whilst the DS411 has no hugely significant physical changes from its predecessor the DS410, it does have an upgraded CPU frequency speed and a step up to DDR3 that delivers better all-around performance.

As we have found in the past, Synology’s DSM Operating System is an absolute joy to use and to say that it is feature laden is an understatement. It can support IP cameras and allow you to interface with them over the internet at another location, it can act as a mail server, operate as a media server to stream music, movies and much more!

Features like DS Audio (seen previously in this review) stand out as being innovative to say to the least. I was able to sync my HTC Desire with the DS411 and so long as I was within WiFi range I could stream music directly from the NAS to my phone in just a few button pressed thanks to the DS Audio phone app. What this means is, provided you have an Android / iPhone ready device you can stream files from the NAS anywhere in your home. Get yourself a docking station with speakers and you can entertain your friends all evening. Fantastic!

Priced at £340inc VAT (GBP) the DS411 is a good investment. It isn’t the cheapest 4-bay NAS out there but you are getting higher specifications under the hood than most units on the market.

The bottom line is: The DS411 is a solid NAS, it comes with all the features you could ever need and delivers great performance to the home/business user.

+ Looks stylish and professional
+ Excellent performance
+ Feature laden Operating System
+ Up to 12TB storage options

- No USB3.0 ports

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