Synology DS411j NAS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-03-11

Product on Review: Synology DS411j
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Synology
Street Price: 263.95 Inc. VAT (At time of review)

We've followed Synology closely over the last 18 months and been very pleased with what they have shown us by way of review. It's no surprise that they are a predominant organisation within the storage market due to their expanse of solutions, catering for one side of the requirements of users to the other. Synology have an extensive product range for home users, right to enterprise level.

Today we will be taking a look at the DS411j. The next product up from DS211 that we recently had the pleasure of taking a look at. The naming system that Synology adopt is quite intuitive - Diskstation (DS) Number of bays (2) Year of production (11). The variable at the end of each of the product range such as + or j symbolise - Performance (+) Entry Level (j). So our unit today has 4 bays, is a 2011 model and features in the entry level range.

With the DS411j appealing to home to small business users by offering a cheaper alternative. This NAS promises to be a strong contender for the budget crown.

Synology's Take on the DS411j:
Synology Disk Station DS411j designed to provide a cost-effective file storage and backup solution with RAID protection for multi-user home environments. The operating system, Synology DiskStation Manager 3.1, delivers rich features for multimedia enjoyments, worry-free backup, Internet sharing, and energy-saving options.

Please visit the Synology website for Full Specifications on the DS411j

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