Synology DS416 (With DSM 6.1) Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅27-09-17

Its clear to see why Synology have become a household name within the NAS market, their hardware is solid and looks excellent, but the main focus comes down on their DSM operating system, which as far as were concerned, is near-flawless.

A huge array of applications can be sourced from the marketplace within DSM 6.1, all of which are downloaded and installed incredibly easily. The relevant applications on the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems are both solid, easy to set up and look fantastic. The overall experience from the Operating System leaves very little to wish for.

The DS416 can house up to four 2.5 or 3.5 drives, up to a maximum of 40TB, with single or dual-disk redundancy; this represents a huge data storage capacity for the average home user or small business. Dual-disk redundancy makes it almost impossible to lose any data, even under the most unlikely of circumstances, providing absolute peace of mind to the end user.

Looking back at our previous Synology review, almost 18 months ago, the hardware specification is yet to make any kind of step forwards. This may be a cost saving tool, or going with the if it isnt broken, dont fix it philosophy, but either way, users like to know their new NAS is as fast as it can be. It would be nice to see Synology improve their hardware in any subsequent iterations.

The DS416 is a solid piece of hardware, but the DSM Operating System really comes into its own within this sector, providing a vast range of applications that can be installed and configured easily.

+ Looks great
+ Incredibly easy to install HDDs
+ Excellent build quality
+ Single and Dual disk redundancy
+ Up to 40TB of storage
+ Huge application marketplace within DSM 6.1
+ 2.5 and 3.5 drive support
+ Quiet even under load

- Similar hardware to previous years

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