Synology VS240HD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-04-13

We recently opened up a new segment on Vortez for reviewing IP Cameras and our review subject today is the perfect device to manage this type of product.

The VS240HD is a surveillance solution designed to accommodate up to 24 IP cameras. Rather than depending on a computer system to view and deliver results, the VS240HD supplies simultaneous viewing without the need for a computer. The downside to using VS240HD is that a Synology NAS is required to pair up with the unit for both functionality and file storage. When we say downside, it is for the simple reason of cost and outlay – we are well accustomed to Synology’s DiskStation product lines and have always been impressed with their offerings.

From the get-go, the entire system is easy to setup and configure thanks to having to use Synology DSM and Surveillance Station. Once everything is setup, there are plenty of options to configure such as Motion Detection, Patrol and Recording.

At a cost of £400 the VS240HD is an investment that will be dependent on specific needs. This type of product will be suited to small to medium businesses and therefore comes at a respective cost, the pitfall comes when a Synology NAS is also required in order to get functionality coupled with the fact that each camera after the initial two are assigned, will need a license costing around £40 each. Surevillance kits with cameras and recorders start at around the £300 mark but then you do have unique characteristics which the Synology DiskStation and DSM bring and there is no doubting that a network will benefit from the added bonus of having such a NAS included on the network.

VS240HD has the capabilities to transform a network into a successful Surveillance Station. It is easy to setup, works very well and is energy efficient.

+ Slim, professional design
+ Easy to setup and configure
+ Low power consumption (14-15W)
+ Motion detection works well

- Cost
- No HDMI cable supplied
- License required per camera
- Dependent on NAS for functionality/storage

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