Team DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-07-17
From our experience, we found that there are some notable gains to be had with the Ryzen CPUs and faster memory, specifically regarding the Cinebench R15 results, which gained over 40 points. This could be a collective improvement seen due to the number of CPU cores on the 1800X, where the single thread improvements may be more marginal, this doesn't detract from the gains generally.

As far as outright performance improvements go, memory tends to be the least cost-effective, and can sometimes be within within margin of error (especially in regards to a few nano-seconds), still gamers are likely to gain a few frames per second higher than they would with slower and slacker memory configurations. Enthusiast overclockers on the other hand, will be able to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their system. Considering it is priced competitively against similar grade memory modules it is virtually a no-brainer to opt for memory modules with guaranteed high-performance ICs. We also appreciate the attractive, heavy duty heat-spreader design which will compliment various setups, and is at a height that will allow for a broader compatibility with CPU coolers than the taller counterparts.

The real party piece is in the guaranteed Samsung B die ICs which allow for a very flexible overclocking experience. We hit 3722Mhz on our Ryzen platform, while other platforms could potentially reach over 4000MHz. This will make the DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition', highly sought after by enthusiast overclockers looking to get the highest performance out of their system.

As the DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' is guaranteed to use Samsung B die ICs, gamers and enthusiasts can both benefit from the gains provided by this attractive, performance orientated memory kit.

+ Guaranteed Samsung B Die ICs
+ Aggressively timed XMP
+ Overclocks extremely well!
+ Tested on all current platforms
+ Attractive heatsink design

- None

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