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So, if you paid close attention to those results, you’ll see that this drive really doesn’t offer much compared to other modern SATA based drives; the Delta RGB seems to find itself in the bottom 5 or 6 results in almost every single test, mixing with drives that were released 4 years ago at times. That’s not really good enough, in our eyes.

However, with the performance being measured, it is still an SSD, therefore access times are infinitely faster than a spinning drive as well as massively better sequential read and writes, plus, those benchmarks will show relatively small differences that are difficult to notice in real world usage.

If RGB is your thing, then the Delta RGB will offer something no other SSD can at the moment, a huge illuminated zone that’s more than bright enough to be noticed. No setup is required, with the drive automatically detecting the colour scheme used from the motherboard and coordinating itself appropriately.

Considering the inclusion of a massive amount of RGB lighting, the pricing isn't too outrageous, however, if a bog-standard SSD is what you're after, we'd recommend swerving this drive and buying something more mainstream.

If the brightest system is your intention, the Delta RGB SSD will not disappoint. The colours and effects are stunning.

+ Bright RGB Lighting
+ Lighting requires no setup
+ Much more interesting than your typical 2.5” SSD

+- Price

- Poor performance

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