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TEAMGROUP are certainly pushing the RGB bandwagon hard, releasing products at an incredible pace, catering for any RGB lighting fan's needs. Though, we don’t necessarily believe this to be a bad thing, with there still being ample DRAM kits available without the lighting, so whether you love or hate RGB lighting, you've still got plenty of options.

We found the RGB lighting to be good, but not great. The diffusion on top could be more uniform, instead of generation hot-spots directly above the LEDs, where the colour seemed a little washed out and too bright, but, on the other hand, the effects were excellent and the software worked well.

Performance on memory is fairly predictable, especially when comparing different kits on the same motherboard, so the results came as no surprise. If you want faster, buy the kit with the highest MHz rating and lowest CAS timings you can find. The TEAMGROUP DELTA RGB performance was more than enough for any modest system, with a little headroom for more performance. That headroom came in the form of a 266MHz overclock, with a slight 0.05v increase in voltage, totalling 3466MHz, while retaining its XMP 2.0 CAS timings at 16-18-18-38.

Pricing, as of the time of writing, which is subject to change at any moment, is very good, at £139.99 in the UK, you’ll struggle to find a 3200MHz RGB kit.

Overall, the DELTA TUG Gaming RGB offers good performance, has a stylish heat-spreader and RGB lighting which can be synced to ASUS motherboards, but the LEDs could be better placed to diffuse light across the top in a more uniform fashion.

RGB lighting, TUF Gaming, 3200MHz speeds; the DELTA TUF Gaming RGB seems to offer it all at a decent price.

+ Good performance
+ Fancy heat-spreader design
+ 266MHz overclock
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Blitz software is decent

- RGB lighting could be better

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