Tesoro Gram XS Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅23-05-18
Sadly, the keyboard isn’t currently available in a UK layout, nor is it available in the UK, however due to the novel inclusion of their low-profile mechanical keyswitches, we decided to take a look anyway. Tesoro have plans to join the UK market so we look forward to welcoming them to the UK.

The US price is $119.99 which directly translates to £89.88 at current exchange rates, however we’re all well aware that it would translate at a more realistic £100 to 110 or similar. This puts it in a very dangerous zone, competing with fully featured Cherry MX equipped keyboards from Cooler Master and Corsair as well as keyboards from Logitech and SteelSeries.

RGB lighting is essential to many customers, with manufacturers fighting for the brightest LEDs and fanciest effects. Tesoro have put up quite the fight with the Gram XS; the lighting is vibrant and crisp and the animations across the board are incredibly smooth.

Despite the simplicity of the software, it does exactly what you need very well, without any messing around. We can get behind a simple software suite when it doesn’t try to be anything else.

The low-profile mechanical keys are good and feel nice to type on, but the keyboard layout and spacing lets the keyboard down somewhat. They’re nowhere near speaking terms with a full-size mechanical switch either; the difference is night and day.

The design and overall layout, including the function keys, is well thought out and looks great. The thin bezel around the outer perimeter of the board certainly aids the aesthetics as well, with us believing this to be one of the best looking gaming keyboards on the market.

The Tesoro Gram XS is an attractive keyboard with excellent RGB lighting but unfortunately the mechanical switches require some work

+ Vibrant, crisp RGB lighting
+ Incredibly good looking
+ Simple, efficient software
+ Good function key layout
+ Full N-Key rollover
+ 1000Hz Polling rate

- Pricey
- Mechanical keys feel weak
- No height adjustment
- Not available in the UK

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