Thermaltake Armor Revo GENE Snow Edition Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-03-13

Thermaltake have furnished the computer chassis market with many different series, expanding the options available and showing great versatility. Today we have been looking at a case from the Armor series, which already has a plethora of products within the portfolio.

GENE is a mid-tower with quite an impressive array of features. Its physical appearance may not be to everyone’s taste but we can still appreciate the style and finesse this case brings to the table. Although there are some typical Thermaltake traits in being able to see similarities with other cases, GENE still maintains a unique front panel with premium aluminium wings.

On the inside and outside GENE boasts good quality construction accompanied by numerous tool-free mechanisms for installing devices. There are also some additional features which come in handy, such as a headset hanger on the prominent side panel and docking station for fast access to HDD storage.

In terms of thermal performance GENE offers good results. Featuring three cooling fans is a rewarding thing nowadays and this helps deliver not only decent results with temperatures but also low-noise too. In our experience the cooling fans were hardly even noticeable when powered up, Thermaltake have hit the balance between good results and low noise.

The price of GENE is the aspect that most will struggle to come to terms with. Priced at £120-130, this mid-tower is of the more pricey cases of its calibre. Spending this amount on a mid-tower you would expect more aluminium and features which aren’t included such as a fan controller and simple things like anti-vibration for the PSU to sit on. There are actually a number of aluminium chassis available in GENE’s size for this price-point and even some competitive full-towers too so this case could struggle to get off the shelves.

GENE is quintessentially a great computer chassis. It looks good and offers up lots of useful features along with pleasing thermal performance. If low-noise is of important to you then GENE is a good option to go with.

+ Pleasing to the eye
+ Good build quality
+ Tool-free throughout
+ Low-noise cooling fans
+ Docking station for HDDs
+ Good thermal performance

- Price
- No fan control
- No anti-vibration rubber for PSU

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