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The CHALLENGER PRIME RGB combo serves as a rather interesting package. You get a reasonable membrane keyboard with various desirable features, and a decent mouse to compliment. Though for the asking price, the value doesn't quite seem as strong as it did with the COMMANDER multi-light combo. This is because there are a collection of nuances that built up, giving indication that at there does appear to be some missed opportunities.

At 49/$59, one could argue that you now have a reasonable budget when considering the alternatives. I personally would be jumping on what I would say is easily the best mouse around for the price: the Rival 100, which can be had for just under 30. This would then mean that you could source a reasonable gaming keyboard for about 20. This is doable. Whether that keyboard will feature RGB lighting, programmable keys/macros, media keys and 1000Hz polling is a different matter. But as a gamer I would argue that the mouse is significantly more important in regards to reflexes and responsiveness than having my WASD keys at a 1ms refresh rate. Though the CHALLENGER mouse is fairly reasonable, there is no customisation or performance settings within the software, it has a pointy end that may cause discomfort and the polling rate isn't even mentioned. To rail a little more on the software, it doesn't even give you full control over the keyboards feature set; referencing the fully re-mappable keys while in game mode.

Finally, I found various issues in regards to typing comfort and build quality of the keyboard. It feels like a slight shame because in regards to the outright feature set, everything there is great! I personally love looking at budget gear and I think that it is a neglected yet important part of the gaming market. The CHALLENGER PRIME RGB combo is one such set that I would have loved to have seen with a more refined finish, something that can really be the complete product where I could say 'This combo makes spending 140+ on a mechanical keyboard and premium mouse setup utterly pointless'.

As it stands, it certainly isn't bad and you get the reliable support from Tt eSPORTS backing it, though it is something worth considering mostly out of convenience as to avoid putting in the time to search for better.

The CHALLENGER PRIME RGB combo from Tt eSPORTS serves as a good bundle for gamers that want a convenient and reliable setup that has some premium features mixed in.

+ Good all-round performance (Mouse and KB)
+ 10KRO
+ RGB lighting
+ Dedicated macro keys and media keys
+ 2 year warranty

- No 1000Hz polling for the mouse
- No options in the software for mouse performance
- Software doesn't enable full features of the keyboard (full re-mapping, macro assignment)
- Pointy rear on the mouse (may cause discomfort in what is otherwise a comfortable mouse)
- So called wrist rest (uncomfortable)
- Price

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