Tt eSports Cronos (Boosted Bass Edition) Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-08-15

Tt eSports Cronos (Bass Boosted) seems like an adjusted version of the original Cronos rather than a refresh and seems to have taken some steps backwards. Though it has retained some of its good points too, hitting the main pillars of what a gaming headset should be; comfortable for long sessions (the breathable Lycra feels great), have reasonable audio quality and have a reasonable microphone. The downside is, it remains in a realm where an audio enthusiast wouldn't look twice.

At Vortez we like to be fair and objective in our presentation of products to allow our readers to get a good understanding of the item we are looking at so they can make their own conclusion too. This is mentioned because its difficult to understand what role the Cronos is trying to adopt in its approach to the gaming headset market. As a 'gaming headset' it is 'reasonable', but hasn't taken any major steps to receive the praise some competing products have. For example: Modular cables/microphone, 16.8M RGB lighting, a wider soundstage with virtual 7.1 surround out the box and simply 'better audio quality'. Because of this, the Cronos (Bass Boosted) becomes comparable to many generic Chinese OEM mass produced headsets lacking innovation and originality, yet is capable of delivering on the basic promise of a gaming headset. However, the Tt eSports branding with the Cronos serves little more than an excuse to mark the price up a little, making it intrude into a range where some notable headsets are dwelling.

These considerations echo our previous experience with the Cronos, highlighting that it is an enjoyable headset and if you like the style, will serve your gaming purposes very well. However, it is stuck in a price range where there is a lot of strong competition. Certainly one to put on the list, but may not make it to the top.

The Tt eSports Cronos (Bass Boosted Edition) gives gamers a comfortable and satisfying experience, plus it has dragons!!

+ Comfortable
+ Attractive lighting and aesthetic (Dragons!!)
+ Reasonable all round performance

- Price
- Tough competition

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