Tt esports DRACCO Headset Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅04-08-12

The Tt-esports Chao DRACCO is a headset that will appeal to the younger generation with its funky colour schemes and bass acoustic ability of that there is no doubt but let me make it clear: This is NOT a gaming headset. Sure, it can perform this function adequately but there are better options available. This is a headset designed for one purpose in mind - music.

Audiophiles however will want to look elsewhere I'm afraid as it isn't suitable for a wide range of musical tastes. Classical and instrumental music need crisp reproduction but the DRACCO was too dull for this. While messing about with equalisation did enhance the audio, it is an area the DRACCO needs to improve upon if it is to be considered as a good all-rounder. R'n'B and hip-hop was one area which the Dracco was well suited however and for the most part, dance tracks were also reproduced with clarity and good bass response. Sadly though this is where the good news ends.

Thermaltake should be applauded for spreading it's wings and branching out but they need to up their game if their peripherals are to become popular outside the PC market because for the most part, the DRACCO puts form over function I'm afraid.

The padding materials used are of poor quality and the sound re-production is not the best I have heard by a long way. When compared to other popular audio headsets from Sennheiser and Grado the DRACCO's simply cannot compete and while the visuals are sure to appeal, their are other sets such as Skullcandy which look just as fresh yet use better, more durable materials. It is therefore difficult to recommend this particular headset which is a shame as it isn't a bad headset, it just doesn't excel in any particular area to make it stand out from the crowd, unless of course you simply must have a Shocking Pink headset!

+ Good looking
+ Good Bass reproduction
+ 50mm Drivers

- Questionable cushioning material
- Dull acoustics in comparison to the competition
- No 6.3mm adaptor included

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