Western Digital Black SN750 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅26-01-19
The new Black SN750 from Western Digital hasn’t really changed or introduced anything drastically different from the previous model, but it does improve things somewhat with a firmware update to the controller and use of their own 64-layer NAND flash.

One thing that’s certain is that we’re ready to see drives utilising the PCI-E 4.0 interface which should arrive later in the year, but for now, the Black SN750 offers good performance in the read tests but presents an excellent showing in the write tests.

While performance is good and they’ve managed to pull more performance from the controller, the question must be asked; why aren’t Western Digital using 96-layer NAND flash alongside Samsung? You would expect a company controlling the supply of the NAND via their ownership of SanDisk would be first to the market with such a product but they appear to have been outdone.

There’s also the price, which is exactly in line with the Samsung 970 EVO Plus. While they trade blows and offer the same wear endurance, the Samsung is arguably the superior product with the 2019 technology included. We also can’t help but notice the Corsair MP510 offering much of the same at a significantly reduced price.

We’ll wait with bated breath to see if the heatsink makes any difference in March, but for now, the SN750 is good, but not amazing.

+ Good performance
+ All-black design
+ Gaming Mode
+ WD SSD Dashboard gives a good overview of the drive

+- Using 2018 tech in a 2019 drive
+- Price

- No heatsink available yet

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