XPG SX8200 Pro Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-12-18
Packaging & Closer Look
If you read our review on the SX8200, you’ll see a distinct similarity between the two packages. The capacity, form factor, connection type and other particulars are all listed concisely with an image of the drive.

The reverse side gives specific details relating to the warranty period and performance figures but due to the multiple languages, the actual amount of information is relatively small.

XPG appear to have re-used the same PCB for the Pro version, which is likely a result of trying to keep the cost of the drive as low as possible. The controller, DRAM cache and NAND are all upgraded versions of the previous model. XPG also provide a heatsink sticker, which can apply if you wish.

The reverse side is populated with DRAM modules, making the cooling aspect a little trickier, though, typically, most of the heat is generated within the controller so we shouldn’t see too much of an issue here.

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