Corsair HARPOON RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-11-16

The HARPOON RGB strikes us as a little bit of a mixed bag, mostly because it is a great mouse at a great price but left us with an impression that it could have spent a little more time on the drawing board. It enters into the category of smaller, high speed mice, yet it is shaped like a palm grip mouse, a grip style that tends to prefer mid-large sized mice. comfort wise for claw and finger tips is certainly fine, (much better for finger tips) but it makes me wonder what is wrong with creating a neutral ambidextrous mouse shape? What's more, depending on your grip style, you could potentially lift the front of the mouse by pushing down at the very rear due to the absence of a slip pad. I have to be conscious that these statements are wholly subjective towards grip style and that most people will not experience any problems at all.

The use of the 3320 optical sensor is certainly interesting and considering the price, users are getting a high resolution optical mouse (6000DPI) that can pretty much track across any surface. Though it does have some minor drawbacks due to being interpolated, giving rise to noticeable jitter at higher resolutions.

Despite any perceived gripes, the pricing of the HARPOON RGB is highly competitive and it provides great all round performance and build quality. If you prefer smaller sized mice, it should certainly make it on your shortlist!

The HARPOON RGB gave a solid and enjoyable performance, and its advanced tracking will give peace of mind regardless of which surface you use it on.

+ lightweight
+ Good build quality
+ Attractive aesthetics + RGB lighting
+ Onboard memory
+ Price

- Position of side buttons

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