OCZ Vertex 450 256GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-08-13

OCZ have remained a popular choice for storage products for many years and to that end they have claimed many an accolade.

Having moved away from SandForce OCZ are now utilising Indilinx with the latest Vertex 450. They acquired this company back in 2011 and it makes total sense for them to develop and take advantage of in-house technology. Not only does it allow them to bring the costs down but it also removes third party incompatibilities that occur.

Today we have been looking at OCZ’s latest creation by way of the Vertex 450 256GB model. In our performance benchmark tests this drive demonstrated prowess in a variety of different environments and scenarios. We found Vertex 450 a great performing drive.

Being priced at £188.99 this 256GB edition of the Vertex 450 is decent value for money although there are a number of similar spec drives for lower costs including the recently reviewed Samsung 840 EVO.

Vertex 450 is OCZ’s second attempt using an Indilinx controller and it has successfully proven its worth with this new drive. OCZ will need to keep an eye on pricing though, if they want to steal attention from cheaper counter-parts.

+ Good sequential read/write results
+ 3 years warranty
+ Affordable

- Fell behind in Iometer benchmarks

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