Intel's New 3D NAND SSDs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.08.2016 13:02:19
Intel introduced six new 3D NAND SSD models for consumer use, business client, data center use and embedded solutions. The new Intel 3D NAND SSDs aim to reduce IT costs as a cost-efficient alternative to hard disk drives while improving user experience and performance of applications and services. The six new 3D NAND SSD models are as follows:

Personal Use - 600p Series
Business Client - Pro 6000p Series
Data Center - DC P3520 and DC S3520 Series
Embedded Solutions - E 6000p and E 5420s Series

Intel SSD 600p Series

The 600p Series is Intel's first PCIe-based SSD built for M.2 form factor. The 600p Series has the PCIe Gen3 x4, NVMe interface designed for desktop and laptop use. It caters to the demand of consumer client applications and to accommodate intense multi-tasking with ease. The 600p Series is also single-sided to enable system designers to design thinner and lighter systems and to conserve space for other components.

Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series

The Pro 6000p Series offers power-efficient performance which Intel markets as an enterprise-class storage solution for business use. The Pro 6000p Series features Intel's Remote Secure Erase-based solution which is an advanced data security for remote and effective data sanitation to help IT managers. The Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series also features efficient data access to used applications of up to 300% better performance vs SATA SSDs.

Intel SSD DC P3520 Series

The P3520 Series addresses the demand of the growing cloud services that are common today. The P3520 Series aim to meet the standards of top-notch data centers with Intel's cost-efficient and best quality services. The new P3520 Series offers PCIe performance speeds which is very ideal for read-intensive workloads. The P3520 Series is optimized for such purposes and to provide fast data streams directly to the processor such as Intel's Xeon processors commonly used in data servers. The P3520 Series is available in the U.2 2.5-inch form factor with capacities ranging from 450GB to 2TB, PCIe 3.0 x4 low-profile add-in-cards ranging from 1.2TB to 2TB capacities.

Intel SSD DC S3520 Series

The Intel S3520 Series is built for data centers, cloud and embedded usage. The S3520 Series is also ideal for analytics, low data rate operational databases and web servers with read-intensive workloads. This series also features superior power-saving performance wherein it is 15% lower in idle power and 30% lower in active write power giving it a 46% power saving rating versus its predecessor Intel SSD DC S3510 Series.

Intel SSD E 6000p Series

The E 6000p Series is designed for IoT solutions and embedded applications which also comes with the Intel Remote Secure Erase. It is available in the M.2 form factor with capacities of 128GB and 256GB.

Intel SSD E 5420s Series

The E 5420s Series is also designed for IoT solutions and embedded applications but with a built-in security through AES 256-bit self-encryption for data protection. It is available in M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors.

All the new 3D NAND Intel SSD series, except for the embedded solutions, are covered with Intel's 5-year warranty. Check out Intel's 3D NAND SSDs at the Intel website.