Toshiba Invests $250M To Boost BiCS FLASH Production

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅23.02.2018 01:01:26

Toshiba Memory Corporation, Toshiba-owned subsidiary that’s dedicated to the production of flash memory, gets an approval for the next round of investment in the Phase-2 clean room of Fab 6 at Yokkaichi Operations which is a production facility for the next generation flash memory product – Toshiba’s BiCS FLASH memory. Toshiba has invested 27 billion yen or approximately $252 million USD to provide essential equipment for the clean room to guarantee the completion of Fab 6 by the end of 2018.

Fab 6 at Yokkaichi Operations will boost Toshiba’s production of the innovative 3D BiCS Flash memory that’s being widely used in the next-generation flash storage products today. Toshiba began its investment in the construction of the manufacturing facility back in August 2017. The demand for Toshiba’s BiCS Flash has significantly increased due to the fast-growing demands for enterprise SSDs for data centres and servers as well as some consumer SSDs such as the OCZ TR200 SSD as well as Plextor’s M8V SSD and M9Pe PCIe SSD that sports Toshiba BiCS Flash memory. With Fab 6, Toshiba aims to capitalize on this demand for growth and expansion of its flash memory business. Hence, this announcement will not change Toshiba’s FY2017 investment plan for the Storage and Devices Solutions Segment.

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