SilverStone PS07 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-08-12
Thermal Performance Testing

Inside PS07 there are two 120mm cooling positioned at the front of the chassis. These fans are intakes and blow air across the system.

To discover the thermal performance of the PS07 I will record idle temperatures after 20 minutes from a cold boot. I will then stress the system and temperatures will again be monitored after 30 minutes have elapsed.

For the purpose of accurate analysis the idle and load temperatures for CPU and motherboard will be recorded and the range between idle and load will be calculated to determine how efficient cooling is. At the moment the MATX system is new and as a result this is the first case we have tested.

NOTE: Ambient temperature is 20C

System Components


Under operation the PS07 is very quiet. The two 120mm cooling fans emit low noise due to spinning at 950RPM each and the chassis is mostly closed off which means it’s actually quite difficult to hear any noise. PS07 is far from disruptive.

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